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Everything Box

Our newest expansion with 300 hot, fresh cards! The box has a bagel on it.

Everything Box (Three-Quarter View)

Absurd Box

We wrote 300 cards while wandering the desert on peyote.

Absurd Box (Three-Quarter View)

Red Box

A 300-card expansion. The box is red!

Red Box (Three-Quarter View of Box)

Blue Box

Another 300-card expansion. This time the box is blue!

Blue Box (Three-Quarter View)

Green Box

Yet another 300-card expansion. But holy shit, it’s green!

Green Box (Three-Quarter View of Box)

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

A whole new game for kids and adults to play together.

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition (Three-Quarter View of Box)

Climate Catastrophe Pack

A pack about how fucked we all are.

Climate Catastrophe Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Written by Kids Pack

A pack of bonkers Family Edition cards written by actual children.

Written by Kids Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Scary Pack

A pack about serial killers, sex gremlins, and vaginas with teeth.

Scary Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Scary Poster 1

#1 of three terrifying posters to go with the Scary Pack.

Scary Poster - "No matter what you eat, you will still die."

Scary Poster 2

#2 of three terrifying posters to go with the Scary Pack.

Scary Poster - "You Will Become Your Parents"

Scary Poster 3

#3 of three terrifying posters to go with the Scary Pack.

Scary Poster - "It's Too Late To Stop Climate Change"

Picture Card Pack 3

The mind-bending finale to the epic Picture Card Pack trilogy.

Picture Card Pack 3 (Front of Wrapper)

Picture Card Pack 1

A pack of cards with pictures on them! Your eyeballs will scream with delight.

Picture Card Pack 1 (Front of Wrapper)

Picture Card Pack 2

More cards with pictures! Your eyeballs will croon like a pair of glistening baby angels.

Picture Card Pack 2 (Front of Wrapper)

Glow in the Dark Box

300 ridiculous new cards for the Family Edition, plus bonus stickers!

Glow in the Dark Box (Three-Quarter View of Box)

Nasty Bundle

A collection of packs that's too nasty to sell in stores.

Nasty Bundle (Three-Quarter View of Box)

Nerd Bundle

Like the Infinity Stones, these six packs are better together.

Nerd Bundle (Three-Quarter View of Box)

Business Walrus

A new party game by ClickHole about pitching products to a walrus.

Business Walrus (Three-Quarter View of Box)

Period Pack

A pack written while we were on our periods.

Period Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Science Pack

A pack about science! Profits fund our Science Ambassador Scholarship.

Science Pack (Opened Wrapper, Showing Cards Inside)

2000s Nostalgia Pack

Chunky highlights! Bootcut jeans! 9/11! It’s a pack about the 2000s.

2000s Nostalgia Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Dad Pack

A pack about your second-favorite parent.

Dad Pack (Front of Wrapper)

College Pack

A pack about puking and going into debt, plus a poster for your dorm room.

College Pack (Front of Box)

Food Pack

A pack about eating, but you shouldn’t eat it! It’s paper!

Food Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Seasons Greetings Pack

A pack about yuletide cheer and crass consumerism.

Season's Greetings Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Saves America Pack

A pack from when we saved America a few years ago.

Saves America Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Retail Product

A pack about confusing possessions with accomplishments.

"Retail Product" (Front of Wrapper)

Fantasy Pack

It’s got goblins. It’s got wizards. You love this shit.

Fantasy Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Sci-Fi Pack

A pack about science going too far and bad things happening.

Sci-Fi Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Geek Pack

I tap three mana to cast this pack into your shopping cart.

Geek Pack (Front of Wrapper)

World Wide Web Pack

A pack written with anonymous Reddit users to benefit the EFF.

World Wide Web Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Theatre Pack

A pack about the magic of live theatre.

Theatre Pack (Front of Wrapper)

Design Pack

30 unusable cards illustrated by famous designers.

Design Pack (Front of Wrapper)

ClickHole Greeting Cards

12 greeting cards from the minds at ClickHole, plus 15 CAH cards.

ClickHole Greeting Cards (Three-Quarter View of Box)