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Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a game. It is made of cards. You put the cards together to make jokes. It’s pretty stupid.

We made the first version to play at a New Year’s Eve party. People seemed to like it, so we put it up on Kickstarter in 2010. It made a lot of money. We couldn’t believe it.

Since then, we’ve done a lot of stupid things with the money, like send people literal bullshit, sell a car for $97, and dig a hole for no reason. We also donated a bunch of money to charity because we felt bad.

Anyway, that about does it. Here’s a collage of more dumb stuff we did. You can click the pictures!

"Fun game but too many words to look up."

"If you are looking for wholesome entertainment, keep looking."

"Not fit for children or conservative, godly people."

"I learned more from this game than I did in high school."

"It ends up making my dad laugh so hard his whole body turns red and cries."

"The same qualities that make Cards Against Humanity boring and unfunny also make it a reliable crowd-pleaser."

"I hate that Cards Against Humanity is my new favorite card game."

"I find Cards Against Humanity less offensive than this legislative session."

"[Cards Against Humanity] promises the same idiotic freedom that small children enjoy."

"Never playing Cards Against Humanity with my family again. I had to explain what a fleshlight is to my 54 year old aunt."

“Cards Against Humanity’s business plan has the sophistication of a lemonade stand.”