Cards Against Humanity’s Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag

The Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag: $25

A pre-packed duffle bag with over a dozen items
hand-picked to help you survive the collapse of
civilization after Donald Trump is elected President
of the United States. Includes the Cards Against
Humanity Trump Pack with 25 new jokes about
frightening demagogue Donald Trump.


Food rations for when supplies are low

Flint and steel

A flint and steel to help you start a fire to warm your cold, terrified family

The whole bag

A durable black duffle bag suitable for travel in a radioactive wasteland

Solar radio

A hand-crank radio to scan the airwaves for other survivors

Gas mask

A gas mask to protect you from the Red Dust while you scavenge for scrap metal

Can of beans

A can of beans to eat around the fire on a special occasion

Space blanket

A space blanket to keep you warm when building a fire is too risky


A harmonica to entertain your fellow wastelanders with songs of the old days


A compass to help
you head south
towards whatever
meager civilization
still remains

Common Spanish phrases

A laminated card with
handy Spanish phrases such
as, “I am a refugee.”

Latin-American currencies

Currency from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Colombia

Application for Mexican citizenship

An application to become a permanent resident of Mexico


Seed packets to help you recreate civilization by cultivating plants

Plato’s Republic

A copy of Plato’s Republic so that you can contemplate the ultimate folly of democracy

The Cards Against Humanity Trump Pack

The Cards Against Humanity
Trump Pack
with 25 cards about
America’s 45th and last
President, Donald Trump


A small golden
with a
photograph of
former President
Barack Obama

Includes the Trump Pack with 25 new jokes about frightening demagogue Donald Trump
Sample cards from the Cards Against Humanity Trump Pack

All 10,000 bags have sold out.
When Donald Trump is elected President,
you will perish in the wasteland. Sorry.

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