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Research Assistant Intern (Spring and Summer 2023)

This is a remote position. Anyone in the U.S. is welcome to apply. If you’re interested and meet the job requirements listed below, please send your resume and a brief introduction to

Cards Against Humanity is looking for interns to help record data from playtesting sessions for a brand-new game, as well as for our old standby, Cards Against Humanity. Playtest data collection involves watching and taking notes as a group of people play a game. Most playtesters record themselves and send us a video of the game, but we occasionally run live playtests remotely over Zoom.

We’re looking for interns to observe and code these playtesting sessions. As you watch playtests, you’ll rate players’ reactions and take notes on their game-playing experience. Ultimately, the data you collect will help us figure out which aspects of the game work, which aspects need tweaking, and how players are engaging with the game overall.

This internship is ideal for anyone considering a career in human-centered research. We recruit players from across the country to participate in our playtests, so you’ll be virtually observing diverse groups of people. During live playtests, you’ll need to hold a group’s attention, explain rules, and feel comfortable interrupting to ask questions. We’re interested in research interns who love people-watching and have excellent attention to detail. If you’re looking to pitch us your hilarious card ideas, this internship isn't for you.

Please apply only if you are

  • A current college sophomore, junior, senior, or a recent college graduate. Sorry—no freshmen or high-school students.
  • Currently studying psychology, sociology, anthropology, or a relevant area of social science.
  • Are able to work remotely for a minimum of 10 hours/week for at least two months. This internship will start in early April, and may last from 3 to 6 consecutive months, with flexibility on exact dates.

The ideal candidate

  • Has experience with data recording and entry. Experience working in a research lab with human participants is a plus.
  • Is comfortable working independently and has excellent time-management skills.
  • Does not need to have a background in comedy, but should be familiar with the game content of Cards Against Humanity.
  • Is kind, humble, eager to work hard, and excited to learn!


This is a temporary, hourly, independent-contractor position. You'll work remotely, and as your schedule permits. We generally want you to be able to commit at least 10 hours/week, but depending on your availability, you could work up to 20 hours/week. The pay is $20 an hour. We're happy to provide documentation to help you receive college course credit, if requested.