Tabletop Deathmatch


An independent game design contest
by Cards Against Humanity.

Eight games enter and one game wins a
first printing and a booth at Gen Con 2015.

The Finalists

by Jasmine Davis &
Pete Butler

A silly, fast-paced, and cunning card game of pre-violence.

by Bryce Journey

Survive mad Aguirre’s growing paranoia in this historical board game.

by Adam Rehberg

Strive to be the best brewery in the nation in this Euro-style board game.

by Matt Stockwell

A co-op game where Vice Squad members race against the clock to solve a case.

by Thomas Gallecier

A party game about crowdfunding in which players create and pitch their ideas to earn fame.

by Eduardo Baraf
& Kim Robinson

The Siblings Trouble is fast-paced co-op game inspired by finding mysterious backyard places.

by Zach Barton

Cooperate to solve a murder in this strategic storytelling game.

by Tom Sellers &
Ayla Arthur

An improv style party game of unusual missions and amusing solutions.


Tabletop Deathmatch is an independent game design contest organized by Cards Against Humanity. We’ve assembled a panel of expert judges to pick an exceptional unpublished boardgame. The winning game will receive a first printing by AdMagic (our printer) funded by us. We’ll bring the winning game to Gen Con 2015.

New episodes air starting Fall 2014.

The Judges

Mike Selinker
President, Lone Shark Games
(formerly of Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill)

Luke Crane
Creator of Burning Wheel

Rodney Thompson
Game Designer, Dungeons and Dragons and Lords of Waterdeep

Paul Peterson
Game Designer, Smash Up and Guillotine

Shari Spiro
Founder, Ad Magic

Annalisa Delfel
Retail Manager, Card Kingdom

Tabletop Deathmatch is sponsored by Cards Against Humanity, Gen Con LLC., Ad Magic, Maxistentialism Inc, and The Game Crafter. It’s produced by Trin Garritano and LoadingReadyRun. Prize money is furnished by Cards Against Humanity, AdMagic, and Maxistentialism Inc.

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